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Tessa Faye in A Whiter Shade Of Pale Pussy
When super hot redhead Tessa Faye answers the door to find her neighbor asking to use the pool, she does not think much of it. She shows him to the backyard, and tells him to have a blast. But he is not just looking for a fun day in the water. He wants to go for a nice soak in her wet pussy juice! He invites her to join him in the backyard, but she is hesitant because of how pale she is. So, to help her out, he spreads some tanning oil on her body. Soon, he is rubbing her pussy, and she starts to get horny. Tessa pops up and sucks his fat cock, running it in and out of her mouth until she is ready to pop her pussy for some penetration. Then, our stud slams her twat, giving her the dick down of a lifetime. A normal pool day pales in comparison!
  • 7 месяцев назад
  • 8:00
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