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Skillful whores Angela White and Courtney Trouble go lesbian
Courtney Trouble and Angela White have always admired each other -- both as professionals and human beings. Angela's been smitten with Courtney ever since she first saw Courtney's work in 2002. Meanwhile, Courtney's been lusting for Angela ever since they first laid eyes on a picture of her -- and Courtney doesn't get crushes often! Although they've always been attracted to each other's passion for life, neither can deny their love for each other's sensual curves as well...And now, after years of being friends, they finally have the chance to take their friendship to the next level.Angela sits on a simple chair in the middle of a large room, dressed in hot pink lingerie and high heels. She can hardly sit still as she anxiously anticipates Courtney's arrival. What delicious thoughts are racing through Angela's mind as she waits for the buxom babe to make her appearance?When Courtney saunters into view, wearing a black sheer dress that leaves little to the imagination, Angela is instantly captivated. As handsy as she wants to get, Courtney's the one calling the shots!There is nothing but hunger in their eyes as Courtney straddles Angela's lap. They exchange caresses and kisses, the air around them charged. It's not long before Courtney guides Angela to her heaving breasts to have a little taste... But even that isn't enough as Courtney swaps places and directs Angela down south to their pussy. Of course, Angela doesn't need to be told twice to dive into the folds with her tongue...This is all just the beginning. Now that Courtney and Angela are finally together as one, they are going to make it a night to remember.
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  • 9:59
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