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Whitney Wright gets real orgasm while drilling twat with dildo
Whitney Wright is a multi-talented actress who's already made a huge impact both in front of and behind the camera. So I was extremely excited when she agreed to sit down for an informal chat with me as part of our study on masturbation.Whitney started by telling me about her first time pleasuring herself. 'I kind of had just discovered a bath massager. And I was alone and I'd never really used one before so I was just...running it along my skin...feeling how funny it felt, just rubbing it everywhere and then I think I brushed by my clit,' Whitney answered. 'I remember feeling...really, really good,' she said, recalling the intensity of the moment.And how often does someone as busy as Whitney find time to masturbate? 'Even when I'm not doing it for the cameras, it's pretty often. I feel like I have made it part of a routine for my self-care,' she told me. 'Basically whenever I'm unwinding and I'm relaxing or even when I'm stressed...I swear that as soon as I finish masturbating...IMMEDIATELY I have a clearer head,' Whitney continued.'I LOVE my vibrator,' Whitney told me when I asked her about her favorite way to masturbate. 'I've always had this fascination with vibrators,' she mused with a wicked little glint in her eye.When it came to those who feel shame attached to masturbation, Whitney's advice was characteristically insightful. 'I would definitely say that it's natural,' she said. 'I feel like it's very much something that is an act of self-love, self-care,' she elaborated before adding, 'It has been proven to help people de-stress, release sexual tension...but I believe first we would have to get rid of the stigma.'With our interview winding down, Whitney agreed to participate in the second part of the study and masturbate in front of our cameras. Before she started, she shared one last thought about masturbation, saying 'Doing something that is a safe way to explore your own sexuality and urges is a GREAT thing.'I couldn't have said it better myself, Whit!-Bree Mills
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