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Jane Wilde in Jane Wilde's: Night Of Hanging Turns To Night Of Fucking
Hanging out with James Deen has been great for the people he invited for them. Well, it’s true that almost all of them ends up getting fucked hard but at least everyone’s happy and satisfied. That’s what all that matters, right? Jane Wilde is one of those friends that hang out with James. Seeing how slutty her outfit and demeanor is, it’s a natural course if she gets fucked in this. To do some kind of intro, James had an idea to have a little Vlog going on and talk about few things with Jane Wilde. She happily participated and with the way how they looked at each other, Jane eventually gives up and just starts seducing her way into James’ pants. And it worked. So she shows off her holes, spreading her ass, so that her pussy and butthole wink and gape open. Once her man's cock is hard from staring at her fucked open cunt, she gets back to sucking his dick, lubing it up so that he can fuck her pussy one more time. Jane bends over while her man is still sitting down. He jams his cock into her pussy and starts pumping hard and fast. Then she leans back to ride him, her pussy juice leaking down the shaft of his penis. He throws her on the floor, and pushes her ass up and face down in the carpet. Jane's pussy swallows his cock hole every time he thrusts into her. When he fucks her doggy style on the bed, he holds her ass open, so that her butthole nearly gapes. Jane finishes off with a sloppy blowjob, playing with her spit around the head of his cock, before jerking his cum into her mouth, so that she can swallow every drop like a good girl.
  • 9 месяцев назад
  • 7:55
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