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Czech gypsies get the money and take the clothes off
Welcome to Chanov, the most infamous gypsy housing projects. I made a bet I would go there with pockets full of cash, an expensive camera and try to survive for at least half an hour. Not gonna lie to you, folks, it was rough. I met two genuine gypsy girls sitting on the stairs of the craziest, most deteriorated house. I found out one is dating a pimp and the other one is his sister. This gypsy didn't hesitate for a second and sold me his sister and promptly took all my money. I shoved my cock deep down the slim gypsy's throat, fucked her hard and pumped all my jizz inside her mouth. I had to hurry before the remaining 45 members of the family come back. On the way home I also fucked the pimp's girlfriend who was really horny. For my money, of course. Afterward, I really had to hurry up and run away to save my ass, because the psycho pimp saw us and was after me. Get ready for a crazy gypsy carnage in the middle of Chanov. I was lucky to get out alive!
  • 7 месяцев назад
  • 11:59
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