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Alexa Nova in Alexa Nova Can't Stop Cumming
Stunning brunette Alexa Nova features in our newest episode of I Came on James Deen's Face. The sweet and adorable babe is excited to have her itchy cunt eaten out by the one and only James Deen. Alexa looks astonishing in her casual white long-sleeve shirt and purple denim pants. Alexa sits comfortably on a green couch while James asks her various questions. They talk about different things, including how this horny babe can cum multiple times with cunnilingus alone. Alexa shares detailed stories and recollection of her abundant sex life. These experiences made the pretty slut know exactly what she wants. Alexa shares to James how she wants her pussy to be licked. Alexa becomes extremely horny after sharing her “weaknesses” in front of the camera. She begins to imagine what she is telling to James. James notices that Alexa can't contain herself any longer, so he decided to end the interview, and carry on with the main event. It did not take too long before James' face is completely buried between Alexa's thick thighs. His tongue and lips are quickly put in the action. Alexa lets out a soft sweet moan as James uses his tongue to explore the depths of her tight twat. Alexa starts to twitch involuntary as she is reaching the peak of her orgasm. She can't help but shiver in pleasure while James continues to tickle her soaking wet pussy. James fondles her perky tits while eating out her pussy. Alexa's "Count Your Blessings" tattoo on her navel captures the attention of the camera. Her interaction with James today is truly a blessing worth counting. The two continue with their oral play. James is not satisfied in making this cute girl cum only once. He plans to keep on working on his magic until this cute teen cum multiple times on his face.
  • 11 месяцев назад
  • 7:25
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